Support FAQs

Am I eligible for a grant?

You must meet CSSBI's basic eligibility requirements, which are:

  • A resident in England or Wales
  • A member of the Church of England or another recognised Christian denomination
  • A teacher or lecturer, both current and former, or their immediate family, suffering significant financial hardship
  • Be able to provide details of 2 named referees to confirm your educational and Church connections

How do I apply?

  • On a form available to download from our website by email or to our Registered Office: 3 Kings Court, Harwood Road, Horsham RH13 5UR. Telephone: 01403 250798.

What is the process for awarding a grant?

  • An application form must first be completed in all cases.

If you accept my initial enquiry does that mean I will get a grant?

  • No. Based on the information you have provided on your application form, further evidence or documentation may be required to assess your needs and eligibility for a grant.

Can I still apply if I have only had teaching employment or Church involvement and only meet part of the criteria?

  • No. Both criteria must be met.

Is the grant a one-off payment or may I apply for support over a longer period of need/time?

  • The grant would usually be a one-off payment. In exceptional circumstances a longer period may be considered.

Is there a limit to what I may be able to receive?

  • It would depend on your circumstances. We aim to meet specific short-term needs caused by unforeseen significant misfortune, in order to help people re-establish themselves and regain financial stability.

Do you take into account any savings or equity when I apply for assistance?

  • Yes. We take into account any savings or equity you may have from your monthly income and expenditure detailed on the application form.

What does a grant have to be used for?

  • Costs associated with, for example, general living expenses due to change of circumstances through illness, loss of employment or relationship breakdown, home repairs or adaptations, career development or retraining including relocation cost, travel or childcare costs, utility bill,Council Tax or rent arrears due to unavoidable circumstances.

Can I apply for assistance with care home or nursing home fees?

  • Specific rules apply for registered care and nursing homes. But if a benevolent fund is asked to assist with home fees and does so this will not automatically affect other statutory help. A full negotiation is first required to ensure the local authority is fulfilling its statutory duty in assessing and funding adequately the assessed care needs. You should check this with your local authority as legislation changes all the time. You could also check with your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Turn2us website:

Will my application be treated as confidential?

  • Yes. The application form is a confidential document and will be viewed by the Council of CSSBI and Administrator only.

Do I have to be receiving statutory benefits before I can apply?

  • No. However it is best to check with your local authority, local Citizens Advice Bureau, Turn2us website or Benefits Calculator on GOV.UK website to make sure you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to.

Will any grant affect my Pension Credit?

  • As legislation changes all the time you should check with your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Turn2us website. Currently the DWP does not take into account charity grants in determining benefit levels.

Do I have to belong to a professional organisation to apply?

  • No. This is not necessary.

Do I have to have worked in education for a specific length of time?

  • No.

How long will the process take?

  • The process can be relatively quick once the application form and all the necessary supporting documentation and references are received. The Council of CSSBI meets regularly and will give careful consideration to your request for assistance.

What if my application is urgent?

  • There is a procedure in place to deal with 'Urgent Applications' that cannot wait until the next scheduled Council meeting and 'Crisis Applications' that require an immediate response.

If my application is successful how will my grant be paid?

  • Payment is usually made in the form of a BACs payment or cheque to a third party i.e. builder, supplier, landlord, utility company.

What if I need help to complete my form? Is there anyone I could go to for help? Can I get someone to complete it for me?

  • Yes. A friend or relative can help you complete your form, or ask for assistance from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Turn2us website.



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Date of publication: 4th March 2015